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Product Catalog
Production      Today 14 ИЮЛЯ 2020

What is the secret of production of the tasty rusks?
The up-to-date equipment and continuous quality control at every stage of production play a huge role, but the most important factor is the use of specially seasoned fresh bread in the production process.

The technological process of the rusk production consists of several basic steps:

1) baking bread; 2) cutting bread; 3) drying bread straws;
4) application of aromatics and packing rusks.

It is worth noting the production of the"Wheat Crunch" rusks.
The crunchy and fragrant wheat rusks have long been liked by children and adults. But we are not resting on our laurels and continue to improve the process of their production. Our experienced process engineers have developed a special air wheat dough recipe. It is baked in ovens in the form of thin cords until attainment of golden colour. After cutting and drying they become your favourite wheat rusks with bright tastes. Region - Product JSC is an enterprise with a full cycle of production and modern equipment. The main task for us is to manufacture quality products. Strict control accompanies every stage of producing rusks, that allows us to be always sure of the excellent quality of our products.

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